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AFF is a non-profit organization that offers established family businesses and families in Business in Africa the opportunity to belong to an Africa-wide association, and at the same time be a part of the largest family business network.


Owning a family business has many benefits, but we know from experience that there are challenges too.  Whether you are trying to engage your children, preparing to pass the business on, wondering how you could improve your family’s relationship with the business, or dealing with family disputes, we are here to help.

Whatever your reason for joining, there are many benefits to working with our expert team and being part of our growing community of business families. 


AFF is “By Families, For Families” and membership is restricted to members of family business owners.

AFF members are well-established and influential companies on the African Continent leading in a wide variety of sectors. All the principal members of AFF are managing directors, presidents, CEOs or members of the Board of Directors of the companies they own.


Our membership is inclusive and focused on the family as a whole, we offer customized memberships to Next Generation family members, the backbone for the business future.

We provide an annual Family Business Membership that will benefit 2-5 members (depending on tier level); which include a Principal family member, actively involved in the family business, family foundation or family office, along with additional selected members. All members will be granted access to all AFF programs, events, and activities. Additional family members will have access to AFF programs for additional fees.

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Members of the AFF benefit from a series of international and local privileges crafted exclusively for the AFF members. These include:

  • Continental Member Database | Access to a global network and membership directory of over family businesses and individual members

  • Exclusive AFF Member-only Events | Access to the annual AFF Summit, AFF association forums, roundtables and workshops

  • Research and Education Resources | Access to AFF resource library of case studies, articles, and presentations to help deepen your knowledge on family business issues

  • Next Generation Development | Various NxG programs, including the International Internships to help prepare the next-generation members (18 - 40 years old) in our network

  • Peer Learning and Networking | Opportunities to expand your outlook by sharing experiences, issues and best practices with like-minded peers

  • Capacity Building and Social Impact | Understand the socioeconomic impact of family businesses, obtain valuable insights for policy stakeholders and contribute to high impact social initiatives.


Membership Application: We take membership for AFF businesses, a list of family and business criteria can be found in the Membership Criteria. 


We welcome family business owners and members who meet any of the following criteria:

  • Currently membership is only open to family businesses who operate in Africa

  • Family is grooming the second generation for ownership and management

  • Family has reached the second generation in terms of ownership and management

  • Family has a controlling ownership interest in the organization

  • Family business is establishing a governance and succession mechanism

  • Firm has commenced professionalization and regional or international expansion

  • Firm has a distinctive and respected position in their industry

Note: In the case of a listed company, the family business possesses 25% of the right to vote through their share capital and there is at least one family member on the board of the company

If you fit into the criteria above and are interested in becoming an AFF member, please fill out the electronic application form.

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Membership is open to any African Family Business, regardless of your size, location or stage of the journey you are at. You must have an operating family-owned business or family office to be eligible for membership.

AFF membership is company and family-wide, which means there is no limit on the number of family members or senior managers who can engage with AFF.

Membership is not open to professional service providers, as AFF provides a non-solicitous environment for family business owners to meet and talk openly.

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