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Our purpose is to facilitate the continuity of African family businesses across generations.

We seek to identify and address issues that are specific to the African continent and contribute to the intellectual progress on topics related to family business management, particularly on succession, family governance, next-generation development, and family communication. We also endeavor to promote and facilitate the positive role of family businesses in the economy and society.


We were founded in 2019 by family business owners to create a safe and non-solicitous environment where they could get together to talk openly about their challenges and share their experiences to help others.  As a not-for-profit organisation we put the needs of our members at the heart of everything we do.

We are here to make sure that family businesses have the support, tools, knowledge and environment to help them survive and thrive.

We offer membership to family businesses and hold the space for families, managers, experts and relevant organisations to come together as a community.


To champion the continuity, prosperity, and governance of African family businesses and their future generations to serve African societies.


To create and sustain a strong exclusive community of leading family businesses that fosters the acquisition of knowledge and supports advocacy activities, serving the prosperity of family businesses for generations to come.


At AFF, we ensure a safe environment for business families to interact within a secure and private network. AFF members subscribe to a universal code of conduct to allow:

Trust and Openness
The network is founded on the principles of open communication and trust. We create safe spaces for people to share their challenges and successes openly. We make sure all family members feel safe, respected and cared for.

Participation and Learning
Active participation by members is the vital component that makes the network valuable. e help the whole family business community to pursue growth and learning

Members are committed to sharing experiences and insights in an atmosphere of confidentiality.

Respect, Professionalism, and Integrity
Discussions and debates are conducted in a respectful and professional manner. We create a community based on honesty, trust, and respect.

The network is a platform to learn from the exchange of ideas and experience; not to market products or services.

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