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Chapters are the foundation of our network. They help the association grow by giving us a multi-locational presence. They provide more intimate groups within the larger association and allow our members to always have a connection no matter where they are

 on the continent. 



At African Family Firms a chapter is a group of at least 10 families (max 20 individuals) members with a defined leadership structure, who meet regularly for lifelong learning and idea exchange in a defined geographic area. All AFF members have a primary chapter membership while some members elect to belong to more than one local or regional chapter. Although AFF has an organisational calendar, each chapter designs their own annual calendar of events, social and learning, to meet the needs of their members.

African Family firms members have the choice to belong to one, or more than one, local or regional chapter based on their personal and family business goals, and the time they have to commit to their business and professional development. But, whether members choose a local or regional AFF chapter, they have access to powerful peer-to-peer networking, timely guidance from knowledgeable leaders like yourself and relationships they’ll always treasure. Both local and regional chapters multiply their resources, accelerate business goals and networks that in turn build multigenerational organisations.


African Family Firms Peer to Peer Forums are small groups of members who meet in an atmosphere of confidentiality, respect, and trust to learn from one another and exchange ideas. This group acts as a private Board of Advisors that have been carefully selected to match the needs of the individual families, its individual members, and their goals.


African Family Firms originated the concept of Peer to Peer Forums and provides a gold-standard, world-class experience. Our members can choose to join a local chapter and a local Peer to Peer Forum or regional chapter and Peer to Peer Forum, whichever best suits their interests. Forums meet once a month and host an annual member retreat. African Family Firms also offers Peer to Peer Forums for spouse/partners and Next Generation adult children. Our members often cite their Peer to Peer Forum experience as one of the most rewarding and valuable within African Family Firms membership options.

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